To register your family as a active member of the HSA for the 2018-2019 school year, please click here. You only need to register once per family, regardless of the number of children registered at the Mackay School from the same family.

In addition to the gifts listed on the left as well as investments, the H.S.A. also provides a variety of services and events for all students including:

  • Special lunches
  • Enrichment clubs
  • Online phone directory
  • Teacher appreciation luncheon
  • Family picnic
  • Halloween dance
  • International Week
  • Recess games and equipment
  • Mackay Logo Wear
  • Mother’s Day plant sale
  • Movie night
  • Family portrait day
  • Support for district-wide initiatives

Home school association

The Mackay H.S.A. is a non-profit organization, committed to the needs of the school and our children. The H.S.A. has been a true partner with the school district and continually provides funds for materials and programs above and beyond the regular operating budget. The H.S.A. supports and enriches the school in various ways throughout the year and has made significant financial contributions for large projects as well. 

Here are a few items the H.S.A. has purchased over the years:

  • The top playground equipment (over $10,000)
  • The climbing web and soft ground ($30,000)
  • Sound enhancement systems in every classroom ($22,000
  • Cultural Arts programs and assemblies ($10,000 or more per year)
  • A set of 30 Google Chrome laptops and cart ($12,000)
  • The large sign near the flagpole ($4,000)
  • Classroom Gift accounts for all teachers ($400 per classroom every year)
  • $900 per grade level for class trips every year
  • Author’s Day visits ($2500 or more per year)


Our Mission